About us

Before joining Law School Maître Eisenscher achieved one preliminary year at Hypokhagne (preparatory class for Advanced Studies).

Maître Eisenscher graduated from University Paris II Assas with a Master Degree in Private Law.

Early in her studies she joined a Law Firm, allowing her to be immersed in the practical reality of the professional legal world. After succesfuly passing the Paris Bar exam in 1996 she started working as a collaborator.

Three years later, in 1999, she funded Le Cabinet Eisenscher located at 3 Villa Victor Hugo in PARIS 16. Since then she has been advising and defending her Clients with the utmost respect for her professional duties and ethics. Hiring her is your best guarantee in terms of legal security and visibility.

Through her membership of several professional Associations such as ACE, FRANCAVOKA , AAMTI, AFPDC , AJFB … Me Gabrielle Eisenscher is devoted to develop and strengthen her practice by achieving a diversity of trainings in International, European and Domestic Law.

When the utmost interest of a case commands it , Me Gabrielle Eisenscher can be assisted by Me Juliette Voury, Advocate at Paris Bar, holding a post graduate Diploma in General Private Law, as well as a Master 2, Multimedia and Computing - Panthéon Assas University (PARIS II) - and who is in the habit of working for Law Firms representing Clients in front off the highest French jurisdiction such as « Cour de Cassation » and « Conseil d’Etat »

Maitre Eisencher is also the president of AVOLINK FRANCE friends which is the french division of the European Group AVOLINK gathering legal practitioners from all over Europe.

The core principles of the Firm are :

  • Independance : it guarantees you that a consultation will always be given in your best interest without any outside influence or interest.
  • Professional Confidentiality. Your Attorney is bound never to disclose anything you have entrusted to her as part of your exchanges.
  • Secrecy. It covers all the modes of communication, either verbal or written, between Attorneys.
    It is a necessity while conducting a negociation. Indeed it is sometimes best not to judiciarize a situation that can be solved peacefully.
  • Loyalty. During exchanges between colleagues, it allows an open debate, a guarantee for an equitable trial and well balanced negociations.
  • Preventing conflict of interests. No Attorney can recommend, attend or represent parties whose interests could be opposed.

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