Business Law

Cabinet Gabrielle EISENSCHER particularly accompanies SME and middle-sized companies that need guidance in their development internal or international trading (with or without a pre existing dispute) but also in their litigations.

It is also important to consider and protect the holdings of the manager, which has consequences on his family and inheritance links. A global protection must be given to such companies.

Me Gabrielle Eisenscher supports the Companies in their questioning about their own present and future, with regard to the development of corporate social, and environmental responsibility : corporate social responsibility, French Law GRENELLE I & II, which has made it compulsory for unlisted companies, as well, to communicate, in a will of transparency, verifiability, certified by an independent external asset. (Article L.255-102-1 Commercial Code: “ it also includes information on the way the company takes into account the social and environmental consequences of its activity as well as on its societal commitments in favour of the sustainable development and in favour of the fight against discrimination and of the promotion of the diversities”)

On the other hand, Cabinet EISENSCHER is used to amicable modes of Regulation of Conflicts, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - being specified that Collaborative Practice is certainly not reserved for Family Law and that it is meant to develop in Business Law and Arbitration.These alternatives to trials have undisputable advantages, such as :

  • speed, thanks to the existence of very strict deadlines
  • confidentiality, the debates not being public
  • flexibility
  • efficiency
  • adequacy to concrete data.

In case a litigation is necessary, Me Gabrielle Eisenscher will personally follow the case from the very beginning till the very end.

Me Gabrielle Eisenscher is also authorized in establishing an Advocate Act, Deed by Advocate, act that Law n°71-1130 Dec 31st 1971 defines as such in three new articles :

Art 66-3-1 : By countersigning a private agreement, the Advocate gives evidence to have enlightened completely one or several parties which he advises on the legal consequences of this act.
Art 66-3-2 : The private agreement countersigned by the advocates of each of the parties or by the advocate of all the parties proves their writing and signature, towards them and also towards their heirs or assignees . The procedure of forgery planned by the code of civil procedure is thus applicable.
Art 66-3-3 : The private agreement countersigned by advocate is, except arrangement going against the present article, exempted from any handwritten mention required by the law.

It concerns an act countersigned by an Advocate, endowed with a bigger convincing strength and having at his disposal the ethical and professional guarantees, attached to this legally supervised profession - including those relative to the prevention of possible conflicts of interests that might exist.

Me Gabrielle Eisenscher offers her clients the greatest juridical safety during negociations, writing and signature of a private agreement.

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